The Private Rocker Is a Perfect Place to Escape the Office

Anyone who works in an open office, one without cubicles or private spaces of any sort, knows that having a place to escape to, if even for a few minutes, is invaluable. But bathroom stalls aren't exactly tranquil, and faking a phone call is more work than it's worth. » 5/23/12 10:20pm 5/23/12 10:20pm

Rocking Chair Powers Its Attached OLED Lamp Just by Rocking

The Murakami chair's attached lamp is powered by kinetic energy produced from the chair's rocking back and forth—deliciously simple and elegant. Oh, and that lampshade? Not a lampshade. That's the actual OLED light source, shaped like a lampshade. » 10/15/09 7:20pm 10/15/09 7:20pm

Yet Another Completely Mundane Rocking Chair

The Ruby Rocking Chair is somehow slightly different than every other rocking chair we've seen ever, but we can't quite put our finger on it... » 3/12/09 1:20pm 3/12/09 1:20pm

Concept Rocking Chair Comes with Overhead Light, Alien Hipness

Looking vaguely like an alien life-form from Lost in Space, the "Rocking Wheel Chair" is a concept rocking chair created by designer Mathias Koehler. With spindly alien legs and an ever-important overhead light, the rocking chair manages to be simultaneously hip and terrifyingly ugly — which is ironically what I look… » 8/30/07 10:42pm 8/30/07 10:42pm