BlackBerry Bold Hits Rogers in Just Two Days: Aug. 21

RIM, why have you forsaken us? With no date or price yet for the US, Rogers has just confirmed that the BlackBerry Bold will launch in RIM's backyard on Thursday. They didn't release pricing info, but a leaked flyer on Friday that looked pretty damn legit pegged it at $399 »8/19/08 3:30pm8/19/08 3:30pm. Since it's launching 'round the world by the…

Yao Ming Sized BlackBerry Bold Comes With Rogers' Launch Kit

BlackBerry News found this Rogers launch kit of the BlackBerry Bold somewhere up in Canada. So not only is Rogers getting it earlier than AT&T, whose launch is ridiculously mired in delays, but they're getting a gigantic murder-sized version of the phone as well? We say murder-sized because that's exactly the tool we… »8/13/08 3:00pm8/13/08 3:00pm

Rogers Caves, Offers 6GB iPhone 3G Monthly Data Plan for $30

Canucks screamed, Rogers listened. Word from the North this morning is that Rogers will be offering a promotional 6GB data plan for $30 bucks a month if you activate a three-year contract before August 31-not the unlimited data we Yanks will be using, but pretty close. Click on for the full release from the horse's… »7/09/08 10:38am7/09/08 10:38am

Apple Not Selling iPhones in Canadian Apple Stores on Launch Day

Apple's apparently so fed up with the high pricing that Rogers is shoving into Canadian iPhone owners' faces that there will be no iPhone 3Gs sold at Apple Stores in Canada this Friday. This follows up Apple's previous action of diverting stock from Canada to Europe, and really sets the tone that they're unhappy with… »7/08/08 12:41pm7/08/08 12:41pm

Canadian Carrier Rogers Getting BlackBerry Bold June 25, Way Ahead of AT&T?

Boy Genius is hearing that Canadian carrier Rogers is launching the BlackBerry Bold as early as June 25-a month or more ahead of the July/August release we've been hearing for AT&T in the U.S., where <a href="it has first dibs. We hope they're either wrong or AT&T's dropping it quicker than expected, since we hate it… »6/17/08 7:48pm6/17/08 7:48pm