Motorola Insider Blame Game: Engineers Shoved Designers Aside

These days, most in-the-know folks would sooner eat glass than carry a Motorola phone. The company has shredded its reputation by failing to address basic interface design issues: freeze-prone software, head-scratching menus, keys that demand Herculean strength. It's baffling that such a venerable company could build… » 8/20/08 11:00am 8/20/08 11:00am

Another ROKR Leak: The W5 Looks like Darth Maul's Phone

Following the leaky loo of the ROKR U9 is the ROKR W5, which is a quad-band GSM clamshell that has EDGE, Bluetooth, miniUSB, 20MB internal memory, a microSD slot, and a sad little 1.3-megapixel camera. It actually kind of seems like weak sauce, Mount Doom-inspired paint job aside. More details when we crib them,… » 9/12/07 10:25am 9/12/07 10:25am

Motorola Quietly Introduces MOTOROKR T505 Bluetooth Music FM…

Today at the Motorola holiday show in NYC, amid a sea of RAZR-style phones and accessories that many Giz readers have already seen, Motorola showed off a few new items. The coolest (we hope) will be the ROKR T505 speakerphone. Like its predecessors in the T line, this one clips to the visor above your head. But unlike… » 7/26/07 8:46pm 7/26/07 8:46pm

Motorola to Ship ROKR E6 Sans iTunes: Stepping Aside for the iPhone?

Motorola announced it will ship its ROKR E6 music phone later this month but conspicuously absent from its feature list is iTunes. That'll be replaced by the loathsome RealPlayer. Doing damage control on a phone that was doomed from the start, Motorola is positioning this candy bar as a PDA. » 12/06/06 9:55am 12/06/06 9:55am

Oakley/Motorola O ROKR Reviewed (Verdict: Good, But Has Issues)

Similar in design to the Thump 2, this O ROKR combines a pretty decent set of shades with the Bluetooth-enabled headphones which allow you to stream music from an iPod or a Bluetooth-enabled phone straight to your listen-holes. To make this work with your iPod, you'll need to buy a NaviPlay Bluetooth iPod Adapter, and… » 6/05/06 3:58pm 6/05/06 3:58pm