More Details, Dates Leak on T-Mobile's 3G Rollout Calendar

If you're a T-Mo user with a 3G-capable piece, you're probably ready to start, you know, using it. Cellphone Signal » 8/20/08 3:50pm 8/20/08 3:50pm is reporting on more info of the rollout through 2008, and it's pretty much in line with the city selection . No official confirmation here but the list contains a few more rumored launch dates popping…

T-Mobile's 3G Network Rolling Out May in NYC, Coincides With 3G HTC…

We've been waiting for 3G on T-Mobile longer than we've been waiting for The Police to get back together, and it looks like May will be the month that all this patience finally pays off. TmoNews is pegging the first launch to be in NYC, and spreading to the rest of the country's major cities throughout the rest of… » 4/18/08 1:52pm 4/18/08 1:52pm

Koreans Make Segway That's Half the Price, Many Times More Korean

If you're still secretly thinking about getting a Segway but ashamed of having people know you paid that much for a scooter, the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology has something for you. The KAIST has just invented a Segway-like scooter that does pretty much the same thing as Dean Kamen's baby. » 5/24/07 6:20pm 5/24/07 6:20pm