How One Man Made a Double-Lens Camera Out of LEGO and Old Binoculars

With the breakneck speed at which new DSLRs are released, photography seems to have traded a bit of its soul for the pursuit of ever more megapixels. So, Carl-Frederic Salicath of Norway has taken a step back from the digital revolution and has built his own working retro 120mm-film camera. Here's how. » 2/21/12 11:20pm 2/21/12 11:20pm

Rolleiflex MiniDigi AF 5.0 Camera Brings Retro Cool, Wallet Bashing

This isn't the first time we have seen a rework of the famous Rollei Twin Lens Reflex camera, but this time the updated MiniDigi AF 5.0 comes in a retro fabulous, red black color scheme. If that wasn't awesome enough, it has a 3MP CMOS sensor, top-down viewfinder, dual-lens, auto focus functionality, 1.1-inch TFT and… » 3/19/08 4:00am 3/19/08 4:00am