Cameron Crowe's Coming-of-Age Film Is Good Life Advice

Sometimes, you just happen to see the right movie at the right moment in your life. Pretty much everything in the world was up in the air for me in late 2000—from where I'd move, to what I'd do with myself once I got there. And then I saw Almost Famous, Cameron Crowe's semi-autographical film about becoming a… » 12/03/14 8:15pm 12/03/14 8:15pm

Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Albums Come Pre-Ripped For $9,000

If you're rich enough to have a dedicated media server from the likes of Crestron, Elan, Escient, Kaleidescape, ReQuest or Apple—a strange one to mix in, I thought—you can go off and buy Rolling Stone magazine's 500 Greatest Albums of All Time already ripped and encoded on a NAS RAID drive, for the low price of… » 5/09/08 9:30pm 5/09/08 9:30pm