Sony's Rolly MP3 'Bot Gets To Do RC Bluetooth Jives With Your Cellphone

Sony's Rolly »10/28/08 5:13am10/28/08 5:13am is such a strange beast it either confuses, bemuses or amuses you...and now there's a new version with Bluetooth remote control mode. So you can now steer around your confusing, bemusing, amusing little robot MP3 dancer—in fact you can control up to seven of the SEP-50BTs, from a cellphone or laptop.…

Sony Rolly Soon Rolling Out in Black Shell, Colored Arms

Seems like Sony's Rolly really is due out soon, and it'll be available in a black body version with a matching black cradle, as hinted at by the FCC filing. If black's too boring for you, then you'll also be able to trick your Rolly out with blue, red or silver replacement "arms". Maybe they're "wings"? Whichever: the… »3/31/08 3:33am3/31/08 3:33am

Sony US Prez Talks Stateside Rolly and OLED TV, Plus Apple, Blu-ray and More

UPDATED Today at an executive round table we went to in NYC, Sony Electronics president Stan Glasgow (center) and Sony consumer sales president Jay Vandenbree (left) answered some burning questions. When is the oh-so-sexy OLED TV coming to the US? "It could be before the end of the calendar year," says Glasgow, citing… »11/01/07 10:29am11/01/07 10:29am

Sony Rolly on Sale in Japan Sept 29th, comes with Annoying Video

So, Sony's dancing Rolly is finally out today, after all that crazy hype. And I looked at it from all angles, sat through an arse-numbingly too-cool-for-school video &mdash feel free to indulge yourselves below &mdash and thought, do you know what? The egg-shaped dancing MP3 and ATRAC player looks like a small clone… »9/10/07 4:57am9/10/07 4:57am

Sony Trying to Tease Us With Upcoming Egg-Shaped Rolly Music Player

When we heard the rumor mill cranking out murky info about the Sony "Rolly" music player, all we knew was that it's egg shaped, might have built-in speakers and it has motion-activated features on board. Now Sony has opened up a teasing Rolly website with too many lame-ass and evasive videos on board, further hinting… »9/04/07 10:05am9/04/07 10:05am

Sony Rumored to be Prepping Weird Egg-Shaped Music Player

Sony doesn't want to let its venerable Walkman brand die, and we're hearing rumblings of a new MP3 player the company is preparing under that age-old banner. The player's allegedly code-named "Rolly," and all we've seen of the nascent product is this close-up of its user interface that's part of a leaked video that… »8/09/07 3:50pm8/09/07 3:50pm