HTC Touch Diamond ROM Gives Faster TouchFLO and 850MHz Support

A ROM update from Hong Kong for the HTC Touch Diamond released yesterday adds some fantastic functionality such as the use of the 850MHz GSM band (used by AT&T here in the US) and the improved TouchFLO 3D performance. (For the record, the performance update is great.) There are also a few bug fixes like the "no signal… » 7/24/08 1:20pm 7/24/08 1:20pm

Sprint Mogul ROM Update to Bring GPS, Rev. A Functionality?

According to WMExperts, the Sprint Mogul is to get a ROM update that will enable GPS and EVDO Rev. A functionality. The update is expected to land on Monday (03/10/08), and will supposedly fix Bluetooth issues some users have been experiencing, too. We'll keep you posted on any developments. [WMExperts via BGR]
» 3/09/08 3:30pm 3/09/08 3:30pm

AT&T HTC Tilt Update Available Now

We told you the HTC Tilt was rumored to be getting an update. Well, wash those rumors away; it's official, baby. The ROM update is for AT&T users only, and should you try loading on handsets locked to other networks, we reckon you will be sorry. The upgrade brings enhanced Bluetooth performance, enabled DTMF tones for… » 2/17/08 10:30am 2/17/08 10:30am