The Best Valentine's Day Gift I Ever Got Was This Flash Drive

I hate Valentine's Day. Don't get me wrong — I enjoy romance, and being in love, and all that crap. I just despise all the bullshit ads about buying flowers and candy and state-sanctioned representations of erotic attachment. That's why I got a warm glow inside when my sweetie gave me this awesome flash drive and… » 2/15/15 6:30pm 2/15/15 6:30pm

Why People Look More Attractive When You’re Drinking

Anyone who has been in a crowded bar around closing time would agree that the higher your alcohol consumption, the more attractive you seem to find whoever you happen to be flirting with at last call. » 6/20/14 7:00am 6/20/14 7:00am

How You Can Use Math to Succeed at Online Dating

Ever since you read about Chris McKinlay gaming OK Cupid to find love, you may've wondered if you could do the same the thing. This video gives you some of the math basics which could allow you to perform better on dating sites. » 3/09/14 8:12am 3/09/14 8:12am

Science: Less-Attractive People Get The Most Online Dating Attention

If you've stuck a toe in the online dating pool, you've probably come across some total hottie and thought "oh great, that lucky so-and-so is gonna steal away all the attention from my profile." Not so, says science—in fact, it's the controversial-looking people, not the smokin' specimens, who get the most attention.… » 3/08/14 10:00am 3/08/14 10:00am

Google Glass Marriage Proposals Show Why Glass Makes Everything Awful

The folks at Google Glass put together a Valentine's Day video showing the Glass-eye view of five couples' marriage proposals. It's cute. It's heartwarming. It's the worst. » 2/15/14 7:00pm 2/15/14 7:00pm

The Best Places To Find Hot Singles (According to Facebook)

So it's Valentine's Day (again) and you're single (again). Even though you've been right-swiping your heart out on Tinder, you've failed to find love nearby. So what can you do? Try a new activity? Maybe meet some new people? Nah. Just move to another city where your chances are better. » 2/13/14 5:20pm 2/13/14 5:20pm

The Most Common Relationship Advice, Visualized

Ahead of the schmaltz that is Valentine's Day, how about a little advice? This visualization shows the most frequently provided words of relationship wisdom so you can console your friends—or yourself—tomorrow. » 2/13/14 5:15am 2/13/14 5:15am

The Science of Kissing

Kissing is great! Everyone loves kissing. But when you stop and think about it, the idea of rubbing your face and tongue up against those of another human being is actually a little... weird. This video tries to get to the bottom of the science of kissing. » 2/11/14 7:57am 2/11/14 7:57am

Maybe It's Time You Broke Up With Some of Your Technology

Sometimes, a service or piece of technology falls out of favor with its user. Perhaps it stops working properly; maybe small niggles become incredibly frustrating; or possibly the two simply grow apart. Either way, maybe the best way to say goodbye is through a breakup letter. » 1/28/14 5:00am 1/28/14 5:00am

How A Mathematician Hacked OkCupid to Find His Girl

Mathematicians aren't renowned for their social skills. But in a quest to find love, Chris McKinlay from UCLA realised he could use his analytical skills to his advantage—by hacking OkCupid. » 1/22/14 7:08am 1/22/14 7:08am

Everybody Needs to Watch This Geek Love TV Show

Oh man. I have a new addiction. Or guilty pleasure. Or whatever you call it when you watch shows like Keeping Up with the Kardashians because you love how the family sticks together. It's called Geek Love and it's amazing. An online reality TV show, the series focuses on geeks who are looking for, well, love. » 1/18/13 1:00am 1/18/13 1:00am

Using Facebook to Find Love

This headline might sound like the subject line of a crass spam email—but wait! You actually can use Facebook and Twitter as tools to get a date. No, really—shut up, we're serious here! Just play it cool. » 8/24/12 8:40pm 8/24/12 8:40pm

Why Women Date Assholes

It's well known that women find sexy, rebellious rogues attractive. Duh. But until now it's not really been clear why women choose to turn that attraction into long-term relationships, when they know they stand a high chance of getting burned. New research, however, reveals that the secret lies in the hormones. » 5/15/12 12:00pm 5/15/12 12:00pm

Your Dating Success Depends on How You Use Pronouns

While there's no denying that your ability to get the partner of your dreams might require some smooth talking, it's always seemed somewhat of an imprecise science. Now, research suggests that the secret to success lies in the way you use your pronouns. » 5/01/12 3:20pm 5/01/12 3:20pm

How to Buy a Facebook Girlfriend for $5

Boyfriends, girlfriends, the pretense of courtship—can't we just download an app for instant internet romantic gratification? Turns out, as our dystopian/utopian future becomes reality, having constant love in your life is exactly that easy. Sure, the relationship only exists online. But these days, almost nobody will… » 4/20/12 1:00pm 4/20/12 1:00pm

UCLA Professors Claim eHarmony Is Duping Its Customers

Online dating might be the future of romance, but it still has its fair share of detractors. Including a pair of UCLA professors, who think that eHarmony—a dating site which prides itself on its scientific approach—is duping its users. » 4/17/12 5:59am 4/17/12 5:59am

No Online Dating Site Can Match Up Your Inner Crazy

Online dating's said to be the future of relationships, now that we're all too busy to meet people in real life. But claims that websites can match you with your ideal partner using scientific algorithms are bull, according to a team of psychologists. Because not even fancy math can suss out our own unique brands of… » 2/06/12 12:21pm 2/06/12 12:21pm

Find My Friends Destroys Its First Marriage

Foursquare might be the kind of locational social networking, but is it breaking up couples? Probably not! Find My Friends, on the other hand, allegedly pinpointed one man's unfaithful spouse, caught in her sordid Google Maps lie. Here's the future! » 10/17/11 3:20pm 10/17/11 3:20pm

Fake Girlfriend Texting Service Is Actually Pretty Brilliant

The notion of signing up for automated calls and texts from a machine pretending to be your girlfriend sounds pathetic—and I don't blame you for assuming it is. But here's why it's genius. » 9/30/11 3:20pm 9/30/11 3:20pm

Stop-Motion Within a Stop-Motion Is the Inception of Romance

This endearing and wonderful piece, entitled "Stop Motion Photographer," was created by photographer Dave Wallace for He and his loving actors helped him stitch 2335 photos together over 11 hours. That's dedication. And result is enchanting. » 8/17/11 10:20am 8/17/11 10:20am