Microsoft Is Allegedly Working on a Windows Phone Group Chat App Called…

If you've been keeping your eyes on Windows Phone, but have been holding off on switching over until it gets a few more crucial features and/or apps, here's an interesting rumor: WMPowerUser says that Microsoft is working on a new group chat feature called Room, which apparently works in a similar manner as BlackBerry… » 9/04/12 9:57am 9/04/12 9:57am

Hasbro Room Tech Clock Wirelessly Wakes the Lamps in Your Room

Hasbro's Room Tech Clock, which looks like a mix between an iPod and a Goomba, is an alarm clock with a wireless link to the shroom-shaped Room Tech Lamp. When the alarm goes off, two things happen; the alarm clock will either stomp its fists on the table making an awful racket, play back the radio or pump out tunes… » 2/06/08 4:55am 2/06/08 4:55am