Google Music Sync Already Working for Rooted Android Phones

Even though Google hasn't officially announced it, some users at XDA-developers have discovered that Google Music Sync, the much anticipated streaming music service from Google, is already working with rooted Android phones running Honeycomb's music player. Most of the details are still unknown but users say it works… »3/07/11 2:37pm3/07/11 2:37pm

Motorola Cliq Rooted, Try to Control Your Excitement

So like the Droid before it, the Cliq has been rooted. It's not ready for wholesale fun-making mods yet, however—it's not capable of handling new ROMs quite yet. But it will be, my friends. Mods like Cyanogen, Sense, and more should be coming soon, in case you're sick of Blur's Twitter interface being all up in YOUR… »12/23/09 2:30am12/23/09 2:30am