Watch Flowers Dipped in Liquid Nitrogen Get Smashed in Slow Motion

If you're a human, you've probably always been fascinated with liquid nitrogen. The freezing temperature. The sweet smoking effect. Hell, even the container that held liquid nitrogen was cool. And if you combine liquid nitrogen with slow motion, things get even better. Watch flowers and fruit get dipped into liquid… » 6/14/13 9:00pm 6/14/13 9:00pm

Raw Beef Bouquet: How to Land a Meat-Lover Lover

A box of chocolates? Yeah, that might be fine for omnivores, but what about that special carnivorous someone? How's about a dozen beef sirloin roses from this British butcher? Nothing says "Let's get carnal!" like a bouquet of carnage. [Hungree via Design You Trust] » 2/14/12 1:00pm 2/14/12 1:00pm

How to Make a Bunch of Roses Using Duct Tape

In this hatefully commercial world we live in, nothing says "I love you" on Valentine's Day like a bunch of red roses. But if you can't locate a florist, or your partner has a sense of humor, why not try making a bunch using duct tape instead? » 2/14/12 6:13am 2/14/12 6:13am

Outline Vase Might Make Mom Smile

Stick a rose into this Outline Vase by designer Yuko Tokuda, and you've suddenly got yourself a first-class sight gag. Even though your mom may not be a big fan of gadgets, she still might dig a nice little piece of design like this. » 5/04/07 7:00pm 5/04/07 7:00pm

LED Roses Never Wilt

My biggest problem with giving the females in my life roses is the fact that they are dead within a week (the roses, not the ladies). It could be a metaphor for the relationship, but this year I will one-up those silly girls and buy them some roses that can't be killed. The LED roses bring a rainbow of colors to any… » 5/04/07 4:40pm 5/04/07 4:40pm