The Rotary Phone 4-Port USB Hub Reminds Me of a Crazy Teacher

This 4-port rotary phone USB hub reminds me of this teacher in my junior high school that enjoyed "talking" to her husband on a toy telephone during class. She also named her rings and kept them in little cages she designed (seriously). The running joke in the school was how bat-shit crazy she was—which is probably… » 9/17/08 5:20pm 9/17/08 5:20pm

Rotary Cellphone Is Retro Fun For Five Minutes

While it's true that carrying around this portable rotary cellphone—yes, it's a cellphone—will impress friends and strangers alike, it's unlikely to impress them for more than five minutes. Yes, it supports tri-band GSM, has a SIM card slot and has a rechargeable battery. But the phone costs $499 and you have to… » 8/29/07 3:40pm 8/29/07 3:40pm