Bulova Watch Lost at Sea During WW2 Reunited with Owner After 67 Years,…

A Royal Navy veteran has been reunited with his watch, 67 years after he lost it during World War II—and, it worked perfectly. In 1941, Teddy Bacon, a lieutenant aboard HMS Repulse, was throwing a line from ship to shore when the gold Bulova watch, bought in the Azores for $55, slipped off his wrist and into… » 6/09/08 6:45am 6/09/08 6:45am

Driving a Nuclear Submarine Through Britain's Roads

Click to viewRemember that Astute-class nuclear submarine that looked like a whale? Well, scrap that, because it really looks like a Calamari Cruiser or a Zentraedi mothership. At least, that's what people must be thinking while they watch it travelling through the roads of Britain mounted on a gigantastic moving… » 6/08/07 12:15pm 6/08/07 12:15pm

Astute Submarine Looks like a Whale, Never Needs Refuelling

Click to view This is the British Royal Navy's newest class of submarine, the Astute. And this is what the nuclear-powered behemoth can do: generate its own air and water; sit in the English Channel and fire cruise missiles at North Africa; but perhaps the most extraordinary feature of the British-built sub is that… » 5/08/07 9:28am 5/08/07 9:28am