Random Dude Hijacks the Royal Wedding Color Feed

The Royal Wedding is finally goddamn over and now Will and Kate can look back at all the social media they foisted upon the Internet—YouTube videos, Facebook comments, and a Color account sponsored by The Telegraph. And in between pictures of stupid hats and kissing they can find this guy giving his Royal approval,… » 4/29/11 9:40pm 4/29/11 9:40pm

NBC's Royal Wedding App Is the Best Way To Keep Up With That Royal…

Soon, in a spectacular display of viral marketing for the new HBO series Game of Thrones, the House of Windsor and the House of Middleton will be joined by the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton. If this is something you're interested in keeping up with, NBC News has put together a fittingly elegant (and… » 4/18/11 1:00pm 4/18/11 1:00pm