How Armor Is Evolving to Beat Tank-Smashing RPGs

Like the AK-47, the Soviet RPG-7 rocket propelled grenade has become one of the most widely-distributed infantry weapons on Earth, used by everyone from E8 nations to guerrilla insurgency groups in every major conflict since Vietnam. But their ubiquitousness nature has kicked off a global race focused on how to beat… » 4/08/14 11:40am 4/08/14 11:40am

Imagine Getting Your Head Chopped Off With the Oculus Rift

With the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset in developers' hands, the fresh ideas are flying faster than a head tumbling away from the executioner's axe. We've seen how much fun surviving can be in VR, now let's check out dying, Ned Stark-style. » 5/06/13 9:48am 5/06/13 9:48am

Awesome Accountant Made an Entire RPG Game Inside Microsoft Excel

Every accountant I know swears by the powers of Excel. But not every accountant can harness that power as beautifully as Cary Walkin, an accountant from Canada. Walkin made a full RPG game inside Excel. As in you can use Excel to actually have fun. » 3/26/13 10:00pm 3/26/13 10:00pm

What If Doctor Who Was a 16-bit RPG?

Strip Doctor Who of its BBC production values, translate it into a 16-bit role playing game and you have something so deliciously geeky that it really ought be made a reality. » 2/28/13 4:12am 2/28/13 4:12am

What Is an RPG?

The Diplomatic District of Kabul, Afghanistan is under attack right now. Reports are that the area—including the US Embassy— is taking heavy RPG fire. But what is an RPG, exactly? » 9/13/11 5:00pm 9/13/11 5:00pm

"Iron Curtain" Defense Computer Punches Rockets Out of the Sky

Dodging an incoming RPG is a pretty tall task for anyone, unless you're a ninja on meth. For the rest of us, it'd be easier to just blow the damn thing up before it hits, right? » 6/24/11 2:40pm 6/24/11 2:40pm

Heroes Lore Is Another Dose of Vintage RPG for Your iPhone

If old school graphics and traditional RPG gaming are your flavors of choice, EA's Heroes Lore III might make its way onto your iOS device soon. The game—a port of a Korean title—claims 30 hours of SNES-style enjoyment. » 12/01/10 10:00pm 12/01/10 10:00pm

Ash Is a 16-Bit RPG Time Machine on Your iPhone

The graphics your iPhone can pull off are mighty impressive these days—but what about you gaming purists? Rather than dust off your SNES and give a Back in my day, whippersnapper speech, check out ultra-traditional iOS RPG Ash. » 11/09/10 5:20pm 11/09/10 5:20pm

Final Fantasy I & II Now Available for the iPhone/iPod Touch

Attention, classic JRPG fans! You can now grab both Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy II from the iTunes App Store for $9 apiece, complete with touch-friendly controls and bonus dungeons. » 2/25/10 1:08pm 2/25/10 1:08pm

Second Use for Google Wave Discovered: Role Playing Games

I'm trying to like Google Wave, but at the end of the day, I can't. I don't really give a damn about it. Recreating movie scenes is cute, but hardly the life-changing paradigm they predicted. RPGs, on the other side... » 10/29/09 10:20am 10/29/09 10:20am

Dungeons & Dragons on the Microsoft Surface

For thousands of years, none of us quite understood the point of the Surface. Then, a few Carnegie Mellon students armed with but blades and wits developed this D&D game, and they lightning bolted the naysayers away. [Microsoft via Kotaku] » 10/20/09 8:25am 10/20/09 8:25am

D&D Soda Is Really Your Parents' Shameful Tears, Bottled

You're walking through a dark cave, clutching your enchanted bow when you realize, CRAP, you're really just in the back of a comic shop with some friends. And you're thirsty. » 9/21/09 11:40am 9/21/09 11:40am

Bandai RPG Pedometers, Like Nike+ for the Extra Masochistic

13 billion years ago, a super dense ball of junk exploded. And it's taken this long for someone like Bandai to come around and combine our least favorite thing (exercise) with one of our most favorite things (pointless, time-sucking RPGS, preferably featuring some sort of underage girl with oversized...eyes...who has… » 10/17/08 2:01pm 10/17/08 2:01pm

Tomy's Piggy Bank Comes With Built-In RPG

Japanese kids and otaku need slightly more motivation than the rest of us to save money, and to that end, Takara Tomy has made a piggy bank with an RPG game built right on there. It's called Bank Quest (was Final Bank Fantasy taken?) and you can buy weapons and armor for your dude from the savings you place inside.… » 6/20/08 6:30pm 6/20/08 6:30pm

Hacked Wii Fit Board Lets You Stumble Around Azeroth

The Germans who hacked a Wii Balance Board from Wii Fit to surf Google Earth have found a much more fun use for the peripheral – running around World of Warcraft. In this follow up video, Simon and Mattieu control a low level gnome exploring Ironforge, avoiding wolves and slamming into tree trunks. Now all they… » 6/14/08 6:00pm 6/14/08 6:00pm

LED LEGO Iron Man Minifig Explodes With Boozy Charm, RPG Rounds

Chris and Jared over at Brickmodder rigged up this fantastic diorama of a scene inspired by Iron Man. There's a detail picture of Iron Man after the jump, but you can see from the wide shot that Iron-y is just hanging there, eyeballing that RPG as it gracefully flies past his head before blasting the two terrorists… » 6/13/08 8:30pm 6/13/08 8:30pm

Self-Contained RPG Game Solely in a Mint Tin

If you thought putting your iPod nano in an Altoids tin was impressive, check out what Greg Sanders got inside a Penguin mints tin. It's a self-contained RPG game whose parts all fit inside the tin. All you have to do is plug in a Sega Genesis controller and a TV and you're set. Yes, but does it tell you how old your… » 8/02/07 5:20pm 8/02/07 5:20pm

Tank Forcefield

Developed by various defense companies, the Trophy system is basically an active forcefield around a tank or an armored vehicle to defend against RPG rounds. It's not an actual forcefield like the USS Enterprise, it's a system that detects when a round is incoming and shoots out a projectile to eliminate the… » 10/16/06 5:15pm 10/16/06 5:15pm