Solar Panel Quantum Leap: Near-Perfect Light Absorption Possible

Today's silicon solar panels absorb about two-thirds of the light that reaches them, but a new nanocoating developed by Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute gives most run-of-the-mill solar panels the ability to capture almost every drop of sunlight. Not only does it grab 96.2% of the sun's rays, but it can do it from any… »11/04/08 8:20pm11/04/08 8:20pm


Sneaky LED Bulbs Will Double As Wireless Access Points

Researchers at Boston University (whose football mascot, incidentally, is a giant light-emitting germanium diode) think they'll be able to combine LED bulbs with wireless networking technology, allowing for nearly complete ubiquity of wireless access points. The technology will be able to communicate data with visible… »10/07/08 8:00am10/07/08 8:00am