Apple TV Hack Brings RSS Feeds to Your Living Room

So now that Apple TV has gotten the mandatory Mario hack, the guys at twenty08 are giving Apple's slim box another feature, the ability to read basic RSS1.x/2.x feeds. Once downloaded, the plug-in gives Apple's box an extra channel, letting it display your favorite news headlines. ATOM feeds and video RSS support are… » 4/09/07 10:11am 4/09/07 10:11am

FeedVision Mister Tipster: Skims RSS Feeds for Your Favorite Keywords

Here's the FeedVision Mister Tipster, a little watchdog that lets you go on about your business while it watches out for your favorite keywords in all of your RSS feeds. Plug it into a USB port, map a keyword to each of its three blinking lights, and a light will flash when that word floats down your chosen river of… » 10/09/06 10:16am 10/09/06 10:16am