Reduce A Steel Box To A Pathetic Lump With Slingshot Bullets

Joerg puts his equipment through a lot of abuse to film videos for the slingshot channel. And the catchbox he shoots into has borne the brunt of all that mayhem for three years. But it's probably been so gradual that no one really noticed. And then in a moment of clarity Joerg clearly realized that his catch box had… »8/11/13 12:03pm8/11/13 12:03pm

I Ain't Gettin' In No Rubber Tub, Fool. Oh, Alright, If You Insist

Just what the hell fool came up with this idea? Let me just put my T-focals on and read you what the blurb says. "A soft tub for the body. For children and adults. For play and healing. In the garden or the stylish bathroom." Healing? HEALING? What kinda fool tub gives you healing??? It gives you cleaning, that's what… »4/01/08 9:36am4/01/08 9:36am

Urine Rubber Can Be Cut in Half and Still Reform to Original Shape

A new rubber compound that's made from fatty acids and a component of urine retains its shape to such a degree that it can be cut in half with a knife and then repair itself, retaining its original form. Imagine it: you break a plastic toy in half, only to have it seal itself back together, with the only downside… »2/20/08 6:20pm2/20/08 6:20pm