A Brief History of the Rubber Band

Cheap, reliable, and strong, the rubber band is one of the world's most ubiquitous products. It holds papers together, prevents long hair from falling in a face, acts as a reminder around a wrist, is a playful weapon in a pinch, and provides a way to easily castrating baby male livestock… While rubber itself has been… »1/20/15 7:36am1/20/15 7:36am


Disintegrator Gun Shoots 40 Rubber Bands Per Second, Provides Vengeance For Nerds

The Disintegrator gun looks like the creation of a young man who had it up to here with the constant barrage of spitballs, rubber bands and paper airplanes. In this case, the geek in question retreated to his lair only to emerge with an instrument of sheer torture to teach his bullies a lesson. Composed of 479 pieces,… »1/16/08 3:37pm1/16/08 3:37pm