Seeing a giant rubber band ball being cut in half is freaking gross/cool

This has to be one of the grossest and coolest things I've seen in a while: A guy cutting a giant rubber band ball in half. At one point it feels like the thing is alive and getting ready to jump on the dude's face and suck his bodily fluids out of his eyes, mouth, and nostrils. Disgusting spaghetti monster. » 12/18/14 6:30pm 12/18/14 6:30pm

Bring This Ruler to a Rubber Band Fight

Classroom warfare is tough. You have teachers hounding your stash, cute girls to impress, punk kids coming up with punkier ways to punk you—basically a lot to worry about. That's why you need this rubberband shooting ruler. » 6/15/11 8:20pm 6/15/11 8:20pm

Rubber Band Stretch Shelf Is Storage That Can Kill

The problems that you might have with a Stretch Shelf start with the realization that you need storage space for something more than a couple of books. » 7/27/09 4:40pm 7/27/09 4:40pm

High-Tech Rubber Bands?

Actually this product is lacking tech entirely, but it is still a really innovative idea that I'm pretty angry that I didn
t think of. These are four-way rubber bands. Basically it is just like two rubber bands that are attached perpendicularly to each other to properly secure things like board games, books, papers… » 11/21/05 6:05pm 11/21/05 6:05pm