Mr.T Rubber Ducky Pities the Bathing Fool

OK, you fool! Have you showered today? Neither have I. So take a bubble bath instead. With me, Mr. T! Or if you don't like me, you can try Jesus (the rubber ducky). » 12/18/08 10:45am 12/18/08 10:45am

Pink. Rubber. Duck. Vibrator.

Not only is this rubber duck pink—or "Paris", as they call it—it runs on only two AA batteries. You activate the duck by pressing his torso, which makes him bzzzz bzzzz bzzzz you into tranquility. If you happen to share a bathroom with roommates, or god forbid your parents, this is a good way to disguise your playtime… » 1/22/07 3:24pm 1/22/07 3:24pm