How Can a Cathedral Built From Trash Look So Beautiful?

The Queen may have Buckingham Palace, Nicholas Cage may own half of Europe's castles, but Don Justo has this beautiful cathedral of trash. He's been building it in Madrid for 50-odd years now, and is almost finished. » 1/18/11 6:40am 1/18/11 6:40am

Five Different Oceans' Rubbish Were Used to Make These Electrolux…

Four months after boasting of vacuums made from recycled sea junk, Electrolux now has five colorful cleaners to show off. They're made from 70 per cent recycled plastics, with each cleaner's design representing the ocean the rubbish came from. » 10/26/10 10:50am 10/26/10 10:50am

Keep Your Hands Clean and Your Garbage Crunched With the Smash Can

Your trash can, overflowing with filth—it doesn't have to be that way! You can fit more. The wonderfully designed Smash Can makes it easy, featuring a telescoping lid that lets you compress your junk with clean hands. » 10/25/10 3:20pm 10/25/10 3:20pm

The Bouncy Bathroom Sink Made From Recycled Tires

This is Rubbish, a bathroom sink created using a 1/8-inch thick elastic sheet made with recycled tires designed by Santa Monica-based design studio Minarc. » 8/30/10 9:00pm 8/30/10 9:00pm

Electrolux's Vacuums of the Future Will Be Made From Ocean Garbage

Electrolux may be known for its outlandish concepts, but when their CEO promises to look into reclaiming the plastic waste from the ocean and turning it into vacuum cleaners, I can't help but believe him. » 6/28/10 7:48am 6/28/10 7:48am

Rubbish Truck Drivers Outfitted With BlackBerrys In UK

As a BlackBerry user, I'm not sure how I feel about 1,500 UK binmen being given BlackBerrys for work. I don't want to be elitist, but if a binman wolf-whistles me and asks if I'm on BBM, I'd die. » 5/21/10 4:21am 5/21/10 4:21am

Scientist Discovers Fruit Peel and Newspaper Can Be Turned Into Ethanol…

Rubbish powered the DeLorean's Mr. Fusion Home Energy Reactor power source in Back To The Future, so it makes sense that now we're in the future we can make ethanol fuel from fruit peel. » 2/18/10 4:40pm 2/18/10 4:40pm