LED Rubiks Cube is Unnecessary Digitization of a Classic

So I can totally see the point of the new Mirror Rubiks »10/21/08 7:39am10/21/08 7:39am cube, since it's a harder, weirder, even more tactile version of the classic...but this LED Magic Cube 2.0 version just leaves me scratching my head. Why make a physical digital pushbutton version of an absolute classic puzzle?Part of the joy of the original was…

Rubik's Cube Security Gadget Looks Too Complicated To Be Useful

Could you imagine if you had to solve a Rubik's cube every time you had to access your email? Your Google Groups friends would call you up in about a week wondering if you died. Cheng-Li Hung thinks differently, and designed up this rather cool-looking (and slightly simplified) Rubik's security system. To secure your… »2/21/08 9:20pm2/21/08 9:20pm

Rubik's Revolution: Crapping All Over 2 Classic Games

Imagine your two most beloved childhood games. Now imagine them mating and producing a deformed child. That is what the Rubik's Revolution is—the deformed love child of the classic Rubik's Cube and color/sound game, Simon. They took all of the puzzle out of the Rubik's Cube by not allowing the blocks to rotate. There… »4/02/07 8:00pm4/02/07 8:00pm