Casio G'zOne Boulder Mil-Spec Cellphone Crammed with GPS, Compass, Lantern and More

Casio's G'zOne rugged-ass cellphone has been updated yet again, and this time it's called the Boulder. The Mil-Spec clamshell's got GPS, a 1.3MP camera, an LED lantern, microSD support and a digital compass in its shock-, dust- and water-resistant frame. The Boulder is out now in black or orange for $130 after 2-year… »7/28/08 6:00pm7/28/08 6:00pm

Asus B51 Business Laptop is Ruggedized for Xtreme Work

Asus is jumping on the bandwagon led by Panasonic and HP and releasing the B51, a super strong ruggedized laptop. The B51 is Mil-Spec 810F tough, can survive three-foot drops and has a keyboard drainage system in case you can't keep your OJ in a glass. The heavy (7-lb.!) lappie runs Vista, has a Core 2 Duo processor,… »7/03/08 11:45am7/03/08 11:45am

Panasonic Toughbook Y7, T7 and W7 Are Built to Take a Business-Class Beating

Panasonic's newest Toughbook Y7, T7 and W7 are designed to combat the Homer in you: that is, they're for people who work with sensitive data yet are prone to dropping laptops, spilling drinks and generally messing stuff up. Forget accelerometers, the hard drives in this can take a serious hit at 2.5 feet and on 26… »11/12/07 6:00pm11/12/07 6:00pm

General Dynamics Itronix XR-1: Notebook for Guerillas and Gorillas

If you're really rough on your laptop, you might consider a General Dynamics Itronix XR-1 Rugged Notebook, the smallest and lightest the company has made yet. If you're not familiar with General Dynamics, its a supplier of lots of weapons and high-tech devices to the military, many of which can't even be whispered… »8/14/06 1:18pm8/14/06 1:18pm