Wi-Fi Signals Might Cause Childhood Autism (or Not)

Get scared! According to a new study published this week in the Australasian Journal of Clinical Environmental Medicine, Wi-Fi might be linked to the growing number of cases of childhood autism. Dr. George Carlo, who led the study, said, "The electromagnetic radiation apparently causes the metals to be trapped in… » 11/20/07 10:05am 11/20/07 10:05am

World's First Prosthetic Dog Paw Surgery Completed

A dog in England who had a tumor on his leg and had to have his paw amputated received a metallic replacement foot recently in a landmark veterinary surgery. Not only is it the first pet to ever receive a prosthetic limb, but the surgery was a sign of things to come for human prosthetic limbs in that the dog's skin… » 7/17/07 10:45am 7/17/07 10:45am