Judge Rules Making Files 'Available' Doesn't Constitute Copyright Violation

A Boston judge has just followed up on the previous NY judge ruling that just making files available isn't enough to constitute copyright infringement. According to the EFF, it's the most "extensive analysis yet of the recording industry's 'making available' argument", but doesn't actually make things better for… » 4/04/08 2:00pm 4/04/08 2:00pm

Federal Judge: Sanitizing Movies is Illegal

We Gizmodians like our gadgets shiny and our movies uncut, but lots of folks want to censor movies, cutting them up the way they see fit. But a federal judge in Colorado sided with the Directors Guild of America, saying no, third parties can't edit and then re-release movies with the naughty words removed. He chewed… » 7/11/06 11:34am 7/11/06 11:34am