Renegade Gaming Chair Massages and Reclines

We've been eying up gaming chairs for some time, but crescent-shaped ground rockers feel a bit too 13-year-old's room for us. But the Renegade Gaming Chair may just be the obnoxious gaming chair that we can finally justify, as it also combines the obnoxiousness of a massage/recliner—all into one, efficiently glorious,… » 11/02/07 11:04am 11/02/07 11:04am

Prisoners Use N64 Rumble Packs For Tattooing

Not being well-versed in the areas of our penal system...our collective penal system... we had no idea that the N64 rumble pack was huge with prison tattoo artists. A maximum security prison guard recently wrote our sister site Kotaku, and here's what he had to say: » 7/28/07 1:55pm 7/28/07 1:55pm