A Plastic iPhone Called The 5C May Really Be On Its Way

This image from Chinese blog WeiPhone looks like a bunch of Apple packaging in a bin. But folks it's so much more! Oh, no, actually that's exactly what it is. No one has been able to legitimize the photo yet, and it could just show some knockoff packaging, but the nomenclature makes sense at least. If the aluminum… » 7/28/13 4:38pm 7/28/13 4:38pm

Report: Intel's TV Service Won't Be Announced at CES, But More Details…

Bad news for anyone who was excited for Intel to finally reveal its long-rumored set top box and TV service plans at CES next week. According to Janko Roettgers over at Gigaom, knowledgeable sources claim that Intel won't be officially announcing its challenger to the Apple and Google TV at the show, but more… » 1/01/13 2:30pm 1/01/13 2:30pm

Report: The TV Revolution Is Here, and It's Led By... Intel?

Google tried it and failed. Microsoft's spent years putting pieces in place with Xbox, but it hasn't gotten there yet. And if you believe the rumors, Apple's been working on it in secret for years. But the living room revolution we've been waiting for won't be coming from the big three, according to a report from… » 12/31/12 9:15am 12/31/12 9:15am

iPad Mini Rumor Roundup: Everything We Think We Know (Updated)

Now that the iPhone 5 is out, there's just one more thing for Apple nerds to freak out over: The iPad Mini. Rumors have been cropping up like crazy the past few weeks—enough to start putting together what we'll actually see from a 7-inch Apple tablet. And once Apple's event gets started in earnest, you'll be able to … » 10/22/12 4:31pm 10/22/12 4:31pm

Leaked iPad Mini Photos Show First Look at Black Model, 3G Support

UkrainianiPhone has some exclusive leaked photos of the 7.85-inch iPad mini, showing its black case for the first time. The photos were allegedly taken by a source "close to Apple production line in China" and they match the previous parts leak, which showed two dock connectors, one in white and the other in black. » 10/02/12 12:27pm 10/02/12 12:27pm

Could the Rumored 6D Become Canon's Cheapest Full Frame DSLR?

DigicamInfo says this is the Canon 6D. And if the specs the site obtained are correct, it will be a full frame beast of a camera, but with a price tag that makes it a bit more attainable for mere mortals. The rumored DSLR is believed to have a 20.2-megapixel sensor, DIGIC 5+ CPU, auto ISO range of 100-25600 (max… » 9/14/12 2:12pm 9/14/12 2:12pm