Barnes & Noble Won't Be Getting a Color Reader From Plastic Logic…

When a (claimed) Barnes & Noble rep said that the company's imminent ebook reader would be color, some folks over at Plastic Logic, B&N's hardware partner, were listening intently. Mainly because they had no idea what he was talking about. » 10/13/09 1:49pm 10/13/09 1:49pm

President Obama Isn't Really Trying to Take Over the Internet

It was pretty much the perfect story: The Senate introduced a bill that would let the President take over the entire internet during a crisis. Our online Weimar Republic is crumbling beneath the digital Führer! Minor catch: It wasn't true. » 9/02/09 10:20am 9/02/09 10:20am

Rumor Smash: Dell Inspiron Mini 9 Doesn't Have Hidden 3G Powers (Yet)

Even though Vodafone is gleefully selling Dell's Inspiron Mini 9 » 9/08/08 5:25pm 9/08/08 5:25pm with , it turns out that Mini 9s sold in the US actually don't possess latent 3G powers like that annoying kid on . A solid source close to the matter told us that while every Mini 9 uses the same motherboard with a port for integrated mobile broadband…

Intel Denies Atomic iPhone Rumor

Rumors about an Atom-powered tablet based on the iPhone are a bit premature and overwrought, says Intel. We all jumped on it after the head of Intel Germany made some cryptic (and perhaps poorly translated) comments. He was talking about types of gadgets, not specific gadgets. Sadly, we'll probably have to wait a… » 5/15/08 11:20am 5/15/08 11:20am

Format War Non-News and Rumor Smash: Wal-Mart Didn't Order 2M HD DVD…

Remember those rumors that Wal-Mart was going big in HD DVD and ordering 2 million cheapo Chinese HD DVD players? Yeah, that's not so true. Fuh Yuan, the company supposedly taking the orders, just posted a correction regarding the orders, saying they "had not received yet." Wal-Mart just asked them for a cost analysis… » 4/26/07 7:14pm 4/26/07 7:14pm