PS3 Too Powerful

Our girlish cousins over at Kotaku discovered that the majesty of the PS3 just cannot be contained within the tiny confines of its case. It seems that there are no PS3 beta units simply because there is no way to fit all of the powerful, expensive components inside a plastic box and that it will be downgraded…

Apple Trademark Alert

Two new Apple iPod trademarks could mean more iPod products coming soon. Looks like the term "iPod Hi-Fi" is one of these terms, and could possibly reference the Video iPod, but hopefully means something that can reproduce sound, images and video at a better rate than the products out now. The description Apple uses…

Sony MD May Go Bye-Bye

Oh, Sony, how could you? After years of loyal MiniDisc fans sticking with you, you're really going to cancel the format? Looks like this may be more than just a rumour. According to the MD geeks at independent discussion board Sony Voice, the new restructuring and catching up of the Sony brand is going to kill the MD.