RunKeeper Now Harnesses iPhone 5S M7 Muscle

RunKeeper is one of our favorite techy ways to track your athletic activity. The app's latest update, out today, harnesses the power of the M7 chip to turn your iPhone 5S into an always-watching fitness tracker. Like a personal trainer named Siri. » 11/07/13 9:00am 11/07/13 9:00am

Keeping Up With Runkeeper

Runkeeper was one of the original iOS apps. It started off simply: turn it on and it would monitor how far and fast you ran. But the really interesting stuff began once Runkeeper opened up beyond the phone. » 11/17/11 11:00am 11/17/11 11:00am

Runner's 13-Mile Trip Covers Tokyo with a Tribute to Steve Jobs

Fitness fanboy Joseph Tame is passionate about running, as his latest 13-mile trek confirms, but did you know he's pretty into Steve Jobs as well? For confirmation of that, look no further than this Tokyo satellite photo. » 8/28/11 1:00pm 8/28/11 1:00pm

Keep Close Track of Your Friends' Exercising Habits With RunKeeper Live

Lifehacker's favorite exercise tool RunKeeper has added a feature that's as creepy as it is useful. You can now opt to have your location and activity level broadcast live on your RunKeeper profile by using the iPhone app. » 3/18/10 7:40pm 3/18/10 7:40pm