Brooks PureDrift Review: Shoes for Minimalists Pushing Mileage

When you're running "barefoot style," you have be careful as you're building strength. Try to run too far or too fast in minimal shoes, and you could really hurt yourself. Brooks' all-new PureDrift is yet another shoe designed to bridge the gap between cushioning and minimalism. Let's see if it can succeed where… »12/19/12 3:40pm12/19/12 3:40pm

Apple's Next-Gen Running Shoe Has Force Sensors, GPS Support

Apple wants to take Nike+ to a different new level to perform precise, real-time tracking of runners' performance and-shiver-offer location-based information and »9/11/08 9:40am9/11/08 9:40am advertising. Their latest patent not only details how they will get rid of the current RFID sensor and add a series of force sensors instead-as well as GPS…

Feet On: The North Face Endurus XCR Boa Shoes Dial In Your Fit

These Endurus XCR Boa trail running shoes by The North Face are relatively light at about 16 ounces each, and they're made of waterproof Gore-Tex which is breathable but keeps those feet dry. Their most unusual feature is the lacing system that lets you tie your shoes by turning a special knob, dialing in an even… »1/03/07 4:17pm1/03/07 4:17pm