This Is News Corp's New $300 Tablet For Schools

Amplify, which is an educational wing of Rupert Murdoch's News Corp, has just announced that it's launching a $300 Android tablet for use in schools. » 3/06/13 4:27am 3/06/13 4:27am

Rupert Murdoch Admits the WSJ Is Still Being Hacked

If you thought the Wall Street Journal only announced that it had been infiltrated by Chinese hackers once the debacle was over—think again. Rupert Murdoch has tweeted that the newspaper is still coming under sustained attack. » 2/06/13 3:31am 2/06/13 3:31am

Anonymous Cowers in the Face of Rupert Murdoch (Updated: Anonymous…

Almost a year ago today, Anonymous hacked one of Australian super villain Rupert Murdoch's crown jewels: The Times. Why? To spread a false report of his death. A year later, he's shutting them up like rowdy children. Times have changed. » 7/11/12 10:20am 7/11/12 10:20am

Outfoxed: Revisiting Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism

Last week, Rupert Murdoch finally admitted to the obvious phone-hacking cover-up at his now shut-down tabloid News of the World—not that anyone had any doubts about it before his confession. And just this morning, a report was released by a UK Parliamentary panel declaring the media mogul unfit to lead his own empire » 5/01/12 8:20pm 5/01/12 8:20pm

Rupert Murdoch Admits He Screwed Up MySpace "In Every Way"

Media baron, professional evil white guy archetype, and technologist Rupert Murdoch recently took to Twitter regarding his company's historically awful purchase of MySpace. So, what they do wrong? Literally everything. » 1/13/12 3:29pm 1/13/12 3:29pm

Rupert Murdoch Is Now On Twitter!

Check it out, kids, our favorite octogenarian media tycoon has joined Twitter. I have to admit I love his Twitter picture. And he's pretty active too. Here's a sample: » 1/02/12 4:58am 1/02/12 4:58am

LulzSec's UK Sun Hack, Explained

The UK Guardian has the low down on how LulzSec's primetime hack of the UK Sun went down. It happened in two phases: one was discovering an exploit in the "contact us" section. The other was the discovery of a retired server. » 7/19/11 3:34pm 7/19/11 3:34pm

How News of the World Hacked Everybody's Phones

For a while, leaving your cell unattended seemed like the biggest threat to phone security. But this recent business is a reminder that there are savvier ways someone can violate your phone—without even touching it. » 7/19/11 1:00pm 7/19/11 1:00pm

Stephen Colbert Is Really Concerned About Hacking

The News of the World phone-hacking; the Citibank hacking; the hacking cough of cold and flu season fast approaching...oh yes, Colbert is worried about them all. [Gawker] » 7/19/11 4:25am 7/19/11 4:25am

If the News Corp Phone Hacking Scandal Were Made Into a Movie...

The phone-hacking scandal that saw Rupert Murdoch close the UK's News of the World newspaper and several high-profile resignations has reached a crescendo. Thankfully there's a faux movie trailer to make light of the situation. [Thanks, Petah!] » 7/18/11 4:20am 7/18/11 4:20am

In Defense of Sleazy Journalism

As delightful as it's been to watch Rupert Murdoch's British fiefdom slowly drown in a foul swamp of wickedness and criminality, it's worth remembering that all good reporters are amoral monsters and that without a lot of highly questionable behavior on the part of sordid hacks around the world, we wouldn't know half… » 7/13/11 1:18pm 7/13/11 1:18pm

News of the World Reporters Probably Tried to Hack 9/11 Victims'…

And now for some news that probably won't shock you: According to a report in the Daily Mirror today, reporters from Rupert Murdoch's News of the World asked a former NYPD officer who was working as a private investigator to access the phone records of British 9/11 victims. The Mirror's anonymous source claims that: » 7/11/11 1:40pm 7/11/11 1:40pm

MySpace Will Discount Itself 83 Percent (And Not a Penny More)

After buying MySpace for $580 million five years ago, News Corporation will sell the dying social network at a steep discount, with bids due this week. But don't even think about bidding below $100 million. MySpace has its dignity! » 4/27/11 8:00am 4/27/11 8:00am

Is The Daily Coming to Android This Spring?

One of the biggest selling points of Rupert Murdoch's iPad-only newspaper, The Daily, was the iPad-only part. That might be short-lived, with All Things D reporting that the digital news venture will arrive on Android as soon as this spring. [All Things D] » 2/23/11 11:53am 2/23/11 11:53am

Steve Jobs, Creator and Destroyer

It's clear that Rupert Murdoch and Steve Jobs hold each other in high regard, aligning their companies, to some extent, for the ambitious new iPad-only newspaper The Daily. But Jobs doesn't just build, Murdoch says, he destroys, too. » 2/03/11 8:40am 2/03/11 8:40am

News Corp's The Daily iPad Newspaper Will Cost $1 a Week

Bludgeoned with delays and rumors of its demise before it even launched, The Daily's set to launch in two weeks according to News Corp's son-of-Rupert, James Murdoch. The app, which Steve Jobs supposedly helped develop, will cost 99c weekly. [Yahoo] » 1/26/11 4:40am 1/26/11 4:40am

Richard Branson Sees Murdoch's iPad Newspaper, Raises Him an iPad…

Freewheeling, swashbucking business tycoon Richard Branson, never to be outdone by the stodgy, old media tycoon Rupert Murdoch, has announced plans for his own tailor-made iPad Magazine, following in the footsteps of Murdochs plans to launch an iPad-exclusive newspaper. » 11/24/10 5:19pm 11/24/10 5:19pm

Apple and News Corp to Announce The Daily Tablet Newspaper at December…

It seems like Apple and News Corp are indeed in cahoots on The Daily, a new iPad-only newspaper that would be the first support the iTunes subscription billing, and John Gruber says he's hearing December 9 as a potential date for its announcement event. The 9th, he notes, is a Thursday, so it's possible it will get… » 11/23/10 9:18am 11/23/10 9:18am

Is Apple Helping To Create Rupert Murdoch's iPad-Only Newspaper, The…

Rupert Murdoch thinks that the iPad is the beginning of the future of media. Steve Jobs agrees. That's why—according to WWD's sources—News Corp. is releasing an iPad-only newspaper called The Daily. Created with Apple's help, says the Guardian: » 11/21/10 2:51am 11/21/10 2:51am