These Bus Stops Left Over From the Soviet Union Are So Wonderfully Bizarre

The Soviet Union. The USSR. The Iron Curtain. The Eastern Bloc. Lenin. Stalin. The Communist Party. The KGB. The Cold War. And awesomely designed bus stops? Apparently and bizarrely and awesomely, that’s one of the legacies of the Soviet Union. Photographer Christopher Herwig’s excellent photo book Soviet Bus Stops

Russia's Drone Tank Looks Cool In Videos But Is It Tactically Relevant?

In recent years, the Kremlin has touted its development of unmanned ground combat vehicles. Its small Platforma-M has been somewhat of a press marvel, with pictures of it supposedly patrolling a submarine base going viral. The Uran-9, on the other hand, is a much more powerful and larger drone that is supposedly…


Russia May Revive Its High Performance Cold War Alfa Class Sub With Modern Upgrades

Russia’s Alfa Class fast attack submarine was the SR-71 of the undersea world during the Cold War. The Alfas were largely constructed of titanium, used a liquid-metal cooled nuclear powerplant to obtain extreme speeds, and could reach depths far deeper than their competitors. Now Russia is floating the idea of…

Russians Want To Launch An ICBM At A Near-Earth Asteroid And Nuke It In 2036

Russian scientists want to modify existing intercontinental ballistic missiles to deliver a nuclear warhead that will supposedly obliterate near-earth asteroids that measure up to 50 meters across. They want to test this capability against Apophis, a well known near-earth asteroid that will pass close to Earth in 2036.