Would You Fly On an Airplane Without Any Seats?

Ryanair, which is an airline who absolutely loves to stir up publicity by way of controversy, has another idea for airplanes: no seats. As if charging to use the restroom wasn't enough, Ryanair CEO Michael O'Leary believes that seatbelts on planes are useless so therefore it's a waste to even have seats. Make people… » 11/08/12 8:20pm 11/08/12 8:20pm

Ryanair's Single-Toilet Flight Passengers Should Just Do What Depardieu …

Who knew the time would come when those cramped, awkward airplane bathrooms would be considered a luxury? Ryanair's latest 'nickel and dime' initiative has the airline removing all but one bathroom on their aircraft to make room for more sellable seats. » 10/13/11 1:55pm 10/13/11 1:55pm

Airline Wants Flight Attendants to Land Planes In Case of Emergency

A low-cost airline wants flight attendants to fly airplanes in case of emergency. The reason: Having two pilots in the cockpit is too expensive. That's great, because I really can't wait to see Steven Slater landing a 747 at JFK. » 9/10/10 11:20am 9/10/10 11:20am

Europe's Ryanair to Push Passengers One Step Closer to the Edge with…

If you're flying one of Europe's many discount carriers and you're not violently hungover, you're probably doing something wrong—the cabins of those single-class A319s are bubbling tempests of unshowered, throbbing rage that always seem a fraction of a degree away from boiling over. Now on your sunrise flight from… » 9/25/08 9:30am 9/25/08 9:30am