Samsung's Galaxy S II Superphone Gets a Full Keyboard on AT&T

AT&T's version of Samsung's Galaxy S II is a slider. BGR got its mitts on exclusive images of the new handset, and it looks like it's remained relatively lithe, despite the addition of the full keyboard. The Galaxy S II runs Gingerbread, and the international version was the fastest Android handset we've seen. Look for… » 7/26/11 11:27am 7/26/11 11:27am

Samsung UK Giving Away Free Galaxy S Android Phones To People Who…

Can't make a call on your iPhone 4? Samsung will help! Samsung? Yes, Samsung UK's official Twitter account (@samsungukmobile) heard the complaints about the iPhone 4 and is giving away free, unlocked Samsung Galaxy S Android phones to act as replacements. » 7/23/10 12:03pm 7/23/10 12:03pm