Japan's Billion-Dollar Plan to Store Its Contaminated Fukushima Dirt

As the immediate aftermath of the Fukushima nuclear disaster has passed, Japan is faced with another conundrum: Where to store thousands of tons of radioactive soil that have been harvested from around the region. This week, officials unveiled a $970 million plan to build a massive storage facility to house the stuff. »12/11/13 12:40pm12/11/13 12:40pm

Japanese Whisky Brewer Invents a Fake Soil for Rooftop Forests

In tightly-packed cities with a distinct lack of trees such as Tokyo, planting trees on the roofs of buildings is a common practice. In fact, every new medium-sized building in Tokyo is required to plant gardens on the roof. The problem? Soil is heavy and dense. The solution? Have a brewery invent a new fake soil, of… »2/26/08 10:36am2/26/08 10:36am