Leica Leaks Out New High-End S System With 37MP, Almost-Medium-Format S2 DSLR

Leica's been busy lately, on the fetishistic high-end as always; their ultra-fast f/0.95 Noctilux lens wowed us »9/22/08 1:20pm9/22/08 1:20pm a few weeks back, the new and also hit, and now they've expanded their digital range to include the S-series ultra high-res DSLR. Aimed at studio pros who would have been medium-format shooters in the film…

Fuchsia Sony Bravia, or Why They Make TVs in Black Part XVI

Part of the Sony Bravia S series, this fuchsia television may have an excellent picture with 4000:1 contrast ratio and great audio from Sony's top of the line integrated virtual surround sound technology, but it's fuchsia—you know—the slutty mom of pink. For those who are still interested, the 20" fuchsia Bravia will… »11/21/07 10:27am11/21/07 10:27am