Canon S100: The New Pocket Powerhouse Point-and-Shoot

Canon's S95 was our favorite pocket camera. Um, it's probably not anymore. Meet the S100. What's new? Oh, Canon's first Digic V processor. A wider 24mm zoom lens. A 12-megapixel CMOS sensor (up from a 10MP CCD). 1080p video. And GPS built-in. » 9/15/11 8:00am 9/15/11 8:00am

Nikon's First Rugged Cam (!), Super Bright Projector Mutant Camera and…

So Nikon announced about a million new cameras today, including its first go-anywhere, do-whatever-the-hell-you-want-to-it point and shoot. It's like when Gizmo eats after midnight, except with Nikon cameras instead gremlins. Here's a quick rundown on each of them. » 8/24/11 10:44am 8/24/11 10:44am