Are Two Tablet Screens Really Better Than One?

Sony announced their dual-screened S2 tablet today. It's not the only twin-screen tablet, but considering recent ill-conceived efforts from the likes of Acer, Toshiba and Kyocera, we're a little skeptical. With the S2, Sony's basically cut a 10-inch screen in half and stuck a hinge in between. How much of a benefit… » 4/26/11 11:38am 4/26/11 11:38am

Leica Leaks Out New High-End S System With 37MP, Almost-Medium-Format S2 DSLR

Leica's been busy lately, on the fetishistic high-end as always; their ultra-fast f/0.95 Noctilux lens wowed us » 9/22/08 1:20pm 9/22/08 1:20pm a few weeks back, the new and also hit, and now they've expanded their digital range to include the S-series ultra high-res DSLR. Aimed at studio pros who would have been medium-format shooters in the film…

The Shiniest Pebble: Samsung's S2 MP3 Player

On paper, the Samsung YP-S2 is just another shuffle-beater, a 1GB player for $39. But in person, it's the most stylish of its class, in five colors, including those below and a white with faux marble grain. (Sadly Samsung didn't have that one on hand.) It charges via a removable USB dongle that plugs right into the… » 4/23/08 9:38am 4/23/08 9:38am

Sony S2 Sports Walkman Player: Changes Songs to Match Your Running Tempo

Recall that Sony S2 Sports Walkman we wrote about 3 weeks ago, you know, the shiny one that's good for running? Well it turns out the S2 will use an internal "G-Sensor" to automatically switch to songs that match your running tempo and acceleration. They call it, "Music Pace." And, the player can be shaken, like a… » 8/10/06 2:47pm 8/10/06 2:47pm