Nokia Previews Faster, Prettier Symbian User Interface for 2010

We were surprised yesterday to hear that Nokia is moving ahead with both Symbian and Maemo phones, but reassured by their admission that the Symbian UI kinda blows. Well, now we have juicy screenshots of improvements they've got in mind. » 12/03/09 8:19am 12/03/09 8:19am

Nokia Has No Plans To Give Up On Symbian Or Maemo

Symbian's problem isn't that it lacks capabilities, it's with the user experience: namely the clunky, awkward, and occasionally terrible S60 interface. Enter Maemo, to save the day! And also, apparently, a newer, friendlier Symbian. Nokia wants to get better, please. » 12/02/09 10:18am 12/02/09 10:18am

Symbian's Horizon App Publishing Platform Sounds Like a Rehab Clinic

Symbian's Horizon program works like a record label or book publisher, says Cnet. You submit an app—please make it a good one, since they have manually review it and they're "starting small"—and Symbian will make sure it's kosher and then push it to a bunch of phone app stores, like Noka's Ovi trainwreck. Good luck guys. … » 7/17/09 10:48am 7/17/09 10:48am

Dealzmodo Hack: Don't Give Up On Your Symbian Phone

Symbian is the planet's most popular smartphone OS—everywhere except the US, that is. It's also arguably the most boring. In this last, most urgent installment of the cellphone revitalization series, we alleviate your Symbian shame. » 4/07/09 4:00pm 4/07/09 4:00pm