Everything We Know About Nokia's (Hopefully!) Killer Windows Phones

We're all pulling for Windows Phone. Have been for a while. Thing is, it's just not there yet. There's no single drop-dead-amazing god-phone on the platform. Yet. Hopefully, Nokia's going to be pulling back the curtain on just that next week at Nokia World. Here's what we (think we) know so far. » 10/20/11 2:21pm 10/20/11 2:21pm

OCZ Sabre OLED Keyboard (Unofficial Codename: Optimus Budgetus) Priced…

The OCZ Sabre asked us to compromise, featuring a sharply limited number of display-integrated keys, so we asked it to do the same: dip below $200, or else. Today, ZipZoomFly is listing the Sabre at a reasonable $135.00. » 7/10/09 4:40am 7/10/09 4:40am

OCZ Sabre Does OLED Custom Keys On the Cheap

With the Sabre, OCZ has made good on a CES promise: to take Art Lebedev's OLED-in-each-key concept and adapt it for the mass market. Along with a lower price, though, this means a less impressive feature set. » 6/23/09 9:00am 6/23/09 9:00am