California Bureaucrats Are Throwing a Bubble Rave for At-Risk Salmon

In California, some impressionable, young Chinook Salmon in the Sacramento river are heading down the wrong path. A path leading towards death and destruction. A path otherwise known as the San Francisco Bay. To get these disenfranchised fish on the right track, the Department of Water Resources are installing an… »2/24/11 7:20pm2/24/11 7:20pm

Steve Jobs Inducted into California Hall of Fame, Dresses Up

I know it wasn't the Oscars, but couldn't His Royal Steveness have made just a teensy bit more effort at California's Hall of Fame last night? Sporting a Ronald McDonald costume made entirely from tofuburgers black poloneck and jeans, the co-founder of Apple eschewed the red carpet and snuck in through a side door at… »12/06/07 6:04am12/06/07 6:04am

Update: Sacramento Sheriff's Dept Launches Criminal Investigation Into Wii Water Death

It seems the Sacramento Sheriff's Department was keeping tabs on the Internet, and specifically our heated discussion yesterday regarding the death of Jennifer Strange (pictured right, with family) in a "Hold Your Wee for a Nintendo Wii" contest put on by a local Sacramento radio station because a criminal… »1/18/07 4:43pm1/18/07 4:43pm