Kim Jong-il Was Schizoid; Is His Son Too?

Kim Jong-il, the former supreme leader of North Korea who died on Saturday of cardiac arrest at 69, was known for his quirks, including an obsession with Elizabeth Taylor. But scientists say his idiosyncrasies added up to some serious diagnoses. » 12/19/11 6:40pm 12/19/11 6:40pm

007-Gadget-Filled Superyacht For Sale, One Insane Owner: Saddam

For a cheap-at-half-the-price sum of just $30million you could be the owner of the Basra Breeze—a 270-foot superyacht that Bond himself, or perhaps, more fittingly, a Bond-style supervillain would be proud of. Why? Because as well as your standard superyacht golden faucets, the Breeze has a helicopter landing deck,… » 11/04/08 5:33am 11/04/08 5:33am