Sadistic Little Boy Scalps Women and Catapults Cats All in the Name of Advertising

There are commercials so good, you'll never forget them. There are also commercials so bad, you can't help but remember them. Where does this Norwegian commercial that shows a creepily sadistic little boy who scalps women and catapults cats for Norway's 1888 telephone directory/text messaging service fall then? »12/02/11 11:20am12/02/11 11:20am


Call for Entries: Gizmodo Wants to Destroy Your Old Gadgets

Hey, remember when I torched my crappy old cellphone? That was fun. So fun, that I want to keep it up. I'm looking to creatively destroy old, crappy, frustrating, or otherwise explosion-worthy gadgets for your (and my) delight and amusement. The problem is, I don't have a pile of crappy phones to smash with hammers… »7/27/07 12:10pm7/27/07 12:10pm