It's Too Bad This Brilliant Lego Bookend Safe Is So Easy To Crack

There's an unending list of things you can build with Lego, but that doesn't always mean that you should. Case in point: a safe. As clever as this set of Lego bookends is, with a secret mechanism for popping the door on a hidden safe, it can pretty much be foiled with a three-foot fall to the floor. » 3/19/13 6:40pm 3/19/13 6:40pm

A Safe So Complicated That No One Will Open It, Ever

We think the Band Saw Safe is as charming as safes come, with various arrows rotating to confound would-be thieves from opening the box. The only problem is, even after reading the description five times though, we still don't fully understand how you actually open it.
The 13 drawers of this band-saw box rotate rather… » 10/08/08 8:45am 10/08/08 8:45am

Bentley Makes a Safe For Expensive Watches, Perfect for Wall Street…

You know you're rich when you drop tens of thousands of dollars on a fancy watch. You know you're obscenely, ridiculously rich when you have so many of said fancy, expensive watches that you need a specially-designed safe to hold and show off all of them. Stockinger and Bentley have teamed up to make a line of safes… » 9/22/08 2:20pm 9/22/08 2:20pm

SentrySafe Fireproof Waterproof USB HDD Housings Save Your Data (Not…

SentrySafe has made safes for 70 years, but now they've teamed with Seagate/Maxtor to make hard-drive housings that withstand up to 1550degrees Fahrenheit for a half hour, and "full" 24-hour water submersion. Some like the Fire-Safe/Waterproof 80GB and 160GB ($320) drives are freestanding units that house 2.5"… » 11/13/07 8:57pm 11/13/07 8:57pm