9 Movies That Were Greenlit Because Something Went Viral On The Internet

Adam Sandler’s new movie Pixels will leave a lot of people wondering how this movie even exists. What kind of a universe allows such a travesty to happen? But Pixels came about because a short film went super-viral. And here are nine other films that were greenlit purely thanks to internet manias. » 7/24/15 1:27pm 7/24/15 1:27pm

Safety Not Guaranteed: Grab Your Flux Capacitor

There's a storied history of time travel movies, so you might be thinking "who needs one more?" You do. And this is the one you need. Admittedly not your traditional "time travel" movie in the same way that the classics of the genre are, but its weird angle on the concept is what Safety Not Guaranteed brings to the… » 2/23/13 10:00pm 2/23/13 10:00pm