Amazing Ancient Viking Sun Compass Even Worked After Sunset

Even the best Eagle Scout prefers to navigate during the day. The Vikings, apparently, would have laughed at such a preference—according to new research, the North Atlantic seafarers' sun compass was so advanced it even worked after dark, thanks to clever engineering and mystical crystals. » 3/28/14 1:20pm 3/28/14 1:20pm

A GPS Device Designed Specifically For Pirates (and Other Sailing…

GPS devices designed for land-lubbers work just fine on an engine-powered boat that can head straight across the water. But for sailboats who have to zig-zag—or tack— to catch the wind, The Sailing GPS is better suited as it understands that the quickest route from point A to B isn't always a straight line. » 4/07/12 7:00pm 4/07/12 7:00pm

Pegasus Open 50 Raceboat Log: The Finish and a New Record

The Finish: The Pegasus Open 50 sailboat just set the Transpac record of 7 days, 19 hours, 38 minutes and 35 seconds for a double handed monohull ship. Previous Record: 10 days, 4 hours and 4 minutes. » 7/13/09 12:55pm 7/13/09 12:55pm