Saitek Cyborg 3200dpi Gaming Mouse Is Ugly, Super Customizable

Saitek continues on the path of insane 3200dpi laser gaming mice, though its latest, the Cyborg, seems to take a cue from Logitech's G9 design-wise with a boatload of customization options—unless you're a leftie (ha!). Besides being similarly ugly, you can adjust the grip by sliding the front section forward or… »10/31/07 4:50pm10/31/07 4:50pm

Saitek Shows Awesome LCD Displays for Realistic Flight Sim Instrumentation

Thinking of putting together a realistic F/A-18 Hornet or Boeing 747 cockpit for your flight simulation rig? Wait, you might want to check out Saitek's latest dedicated flight simulation peripheral that's looking like the next best thing. The company gave a sneak preview of this trio of convincing-looking screens at… »7/26/07 1:10pm7/26/07 1:10pm

Saitek's GM3200 3200dpi Mouse Reviewed (Verdict: Where'd My Cursor Go?)

By upping the dpi game to 3200 (up from the previous front runner, the Raptor-Gaming M2 at 2400dpi), Saitek's giving gamers what they want—more resolution for twitchfests like Unreal Tournament. The mouse itself is lefty-friendly, has five different LED backlight colors, rubber-like coating, dpi mode switch (800,… »5/11/07 8:00pm5/11/07 8:00pm

Saitek Pro Gamer Command Unit Reviewed (Verdict: Nothing Special)

Saitek is the third company to release one of these keyboard game controllers. The company must have lacked research skills when developing its Pro Gamer Command Unit (PGCU) because this product has the same problems of its predecessors. There are 21 keys total, including an awkwardly-placed "shift" key that gives a… »12/10/05 11:48am12/10/05 11:48am